Budget Travel – 6 Money-Saving Strategies to Visit New York on a Budget

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New York, one of the liveliest cities in the world, is best known for its world-class museums, an extraordinary cultural vibe of its own, and the unmatched, vibrant night life. Many people all around the world dream to visit this city or be a part of it for at least a short period. But, traveling around this city is can end up being extremely expensive. However, if proper car is taken, enjoying this flamboyant city on a strict budget is very much possible.

Following are 6 strategies to cut costs and save money on a visit to New York:

1) Travel:

Do not be stringent about when and what time of day you wish to travel. Now that you are a budget traveler, it is advisable to keep your travel plan flexible so that you can get the cheapest flight available. You can search for great deals online as well. Once you land in New York, choose the excellent subway network to travel to different sites and attractions. The subway network not only runs 24 hours a day, but is also the cheapest inner-city transport service available. It will cost just $2 for a single fare.

2) Accommodation:

Do not end up in a costly hotel just because you are so used to enjoying luxury. In the present scenario of economic meltdown, every single dollar saved can make a big difference in your life! Therefore, find hotels that offer several budget alternatives for both group and solo accommodation. If you find these alternatives pricey, you can opt for cheap rooms with shared facilities. You can find many such rooms in hostels located across the city from Brooklyn to the lively downtown.

3) Food:

The City offers several local specialties that are easy to sample on a strict budget. For instance, you can have hot dogs, pizza slices, and burgers from street vendors around the city. You can also find things like cheesecakes, club sandwiches, and salt-beef bagels at the delis around the Lower East and Upper West Sides. For budget dining, you can visit affordable restaurants with reasonably priced eateries in Little Italy, Chinatown, and the East Village. Visiting a downtown bar during the happy-hours (4 pm-7pm) in Manhattan can also fit in your budget very easily.

4) City Tour:

If you wish to explore the commercial art scene and the rich culture of this city, make sure you visit the Chelsea Art Galleries. These 200 or so small art galleries are absolutely free to explore.

5) Shopping:

Instead of going to expensive shopping malls and getting tempted into buying expensive products, pay a visit to the city’s local markets. For instance, the Union Square’s Greenmarket, an open-air farmers’ market held at Union Square every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, is a great place to experience the lively atmosphere of the city. During festival season, additional holiday markets are also worth visiting.

6) Night Outs:

If you are a music lover and looking for a happening night out in the city, Brooklyn would be the best place for you. The Brooklyn Academy of Music hosts live Jazz and experimental artists in the BAM Café for free.


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